Tuesday 19 November 2019

Charities should work together for Haiti

LIKE everyone, I have been appalled by the distressing pictures beamed back to us from earthquake-ravaged Haiti, which was one of the world's poorest countries even before this disaster.

But now, I can't seem to turn on the radio without hearing charities banging their buckets in aid of Haiti.

Concern, Trocaire, GOAL -- they are all asking for our money. So who will spend it best and give us a detailed report as to how our money was spent?

Why don't the major charities get together with the Government and set up a separate humanitarian fund for Haiti?

They would then spend less money on advertising the fact that they are looking for donations and the money saved could be put to good use.

The Government could let us know how the money was spent and we would feel happy that we had done our bit to help.

James Taplin
Tang, Co Westmeath

JOHN B Keane had an incredible knack of capturing the minds, both narrow and not so narrow, of the neighbours.

Those minds often became a little more tolerant when they moved to Dublin or to the local metropolis for employment or just a bit of weekend fun.

However, recent letters to your paper from contributors as far afield as Copenhagen lend little to support that theory.

Patrick MacManus (Letters, January 16), has sought to blame the the US for Haiti's plight.

Anyone who has been there or knows the recent history of the region will tell a very different story.

There are so many varied geo-political, ethnic, religious, sociological and historical reasons for Haiti's predicament that blaming the US is akin to blaming Bertie Ahern for the poor state of the Irish roads.

Donal Dowling
Gulf of Mexico, USA

I WONDER do any of the people of Haiti care that RTE reporters are mispronouncing the name of the devastated capital.

If Ted Neville (Letters, January 19) is so annoyed at this, he can start a Facebook group and see how much support he has.

I actually thought that horrific events such as the deaths of 200,000 people would serve to reduce such pedantic gripes.

Micil Glennon
Edenderry, Co Offaly

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