Friday 13 December 2019

Charge for water hidden in VAT

IN reply to Robert Rutledge Leuven, Belgium (Letters, October 23) regarding his so-called "free water", perhaps he has been out of the country too long.

Or perhaps he is too young to remember that up to the 1970s in Ireland we paid rates that were to fund the provision of local services -- refuse collection, lighting, water and so on.

When the Government of the day abolished rates, they increased the general VAT rate to ensure funding of local authorities would continue.

Over the years, this funding has dried up and once again the local authorities require funding. Hence, the issue of water charges and so on becoming popular again.

We are already paying for water and the Government is failing to pass on this revenue as had been intended. Mr Leuven should acquaint himself with the facts.

Michael Kelly
Dublin 15

Irish Independent

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