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Channel of rage

• I read recent remarks from Joe Duffy, where he said: "Unfairness, rip-offs, exclusion and elites make me angry. The only class not to suffer in the recession are the political class; politicians and senior public servants."

He went on to say: "Do they ever stay awake at night wondering which working families are being squeezed to pay these unending Lotto winnings?"

While I don't disagree with the sentiments, I think it is rich coming from a public servant getting paid €286,222 from very hard-pressed licence fee payers. He did take a 30pc pay cut, but he, like the rest of the RTE 'stars', is totally overpaid. It would be a great signal to working people if the salaries paid to RTE 'stars' were all capped at €100,000.

The recent programmes where RTE admired itself for the last 50 years say it all. Pat Kenny, who is the most overpaid public servant in the country, thinks he saved 'The Late Late Show'. He also thinks he should be paid as much as John O'Shea. Pat couldn't kick a ball to save his life, and he proved on TV that he can't sing, either. He must be delusional. If Mr Kenny saved 'The Late Late', then Ryan Tubridy will bury it.

Why does RTE always rely on the same C-class 'celebrities' for everything -- Brendan O'Carroll, Twink, Pat Shortt, etc. RTE needs a complete clean-out and a fresh start.

Name and address with editor

l I almost lost the will to live after seeing Miriam O'Callaghan presenting the New Year's Eve countdown and the old reliable RTE mafioso wheeled out again in front of the cameras.

Over the last years the trend has emerged -- we have seen Mike Murphy resurrected claiming hard times, Joe Duffy promoting his autobiography on 'The Late Late Show', Ryan Tubridy on 'Who Do You Think You Are?', Gay Byrne presenting numerous programmes and Charlie Bird's world trips funded by the licence payers.

This self-indulgence of the RTE 'club' makes me want to emigrate to show empathy with the younger emigrants who cannot get work.

RTE, please give the younger folk the chances instead of massaging the egos of these old 'codgers' for a change.

Kevin Carroll
Templeogue, Dublin

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