Wednesday 22 November 2017

Channel of rage

• I read recent remarks from Joe Duffy, where he said: "Unfairness, rip-offs, exclusion and elites make me angry. The only class not to suffer in the recession are the political class; politicians and senior public servants."

He went on to say: "Do they ever stay awake at night wondering which working families are being squeezed to pay these unending Lotto winnings?"

While I don't disagree with the sentiments, I think it is rich coming from a public servant getting paid €286,222 from very hard-pressed licence fee payers. He did take a 30pc pay cut, but he, like the rest of the RTE 'stars', is totally overpaid. It would be a great signal to working people if the salaries paid to RTE 'stars' were all capped at €100,000.

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