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Catholics racked by guilt burden

Madam – Gene Kerrigan (Sunday Independent, March 31, 2013), says the Catholic Right are in favour of "no sex at all until marriage".

But doesn't he know it's much worse? This is because the Catholic Church's teaching is that a Catholic should have no sexual thoughts at all until after he or she is married. So if a Catholic teenager has sexual thoughts, or impure thoughts, he or she must feel guilty about them and confess to a priest. This burden of guilt would be alright to have, I believe, if as mature adults, people chose to join the Catholic Church and accept its rules. Most Catholics join as children and take on a life-long burden of guilt about sexual and impure thoughts. All of which is imposed on them before they figure out for themselves how much truth there is in this teaching.

Some might choose the Muslim religion which allows a husband to have up to four wives. No problem about threesomes there!

Sean O'Brien,

Dublin 3

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