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Catholicism is as much to blame as rest of us

IN reference to the letter from Bryan Sheehan (June 29) in which he claims that today's society, which is rife with murders, rapes and robberies, is due to the lack of Catholic guidance and education, I would like to point out two obvious flaws in his thinking.

a) Today's society is a result of Catholic guidance and education. The Catholic Church has dominated this State from its very creation. There has never been any other guidance or education in this State than Catholicism.

b) To support the argument, he refers to rape in society, but conveniently forgets to mention that some members of the church have been raping and covering up the rape of our children for decades. Are these people the ones who are supposed to educate and guide our children?

On a personal note, Mr Sheehan refers to the undemocratic behaviour of Education Minister Ruairi Quinn, but omits the undemocratic behaviour of the church itself.

I wish to leave the Catholic Church but the Pope has decreed that impossible, even though the Irish Constitution guarantees me the right to choose and practise my own religion.

For this reason, church and State should be separated and baptism should be forbidden before the age of consent, so that people are allowed to choose their own religion.

Ray Behan
Clontarf, co Dublin

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