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Catholic Church must set us free

It is not enough that the Catholic Church has been abusing children for decades, but now it is abusing adults, too.

I recently tried to leave the Catholic Church through the website countmeout.ie and, to my utter amazement, I have learned that you can no longer leave the Catholic Church. This is totally unacceptable.

I am an adult of sound mind and body who wants to leave a church I never voluntarily joined.

I have absolutely no affinity with the Catholic Church; I do not share its beliefs or aspirations.

I have the God-given and civil right to choose my own religion. This amounts to nothing more than imprisonment.

If the church refuses to allow people to leave, then surely there should be a law forbidding baptism before the age of consent. It is unacceptable that in this modern society the State cannot guarantee the freedom of its citizens.

It should not be tolerated that the State, once again, stands idly by while the church abuses its citizens.

What type of country are we living in? We have a blasphemy law that prohibits criticism of the Catholic Church.

We have a cardinal and bishops who covered up the rape of our children for decades and refused to resign. Now, they seek to imprison those who wish to leave the church.

I say to Justice Minister Dermot Ahern: you were very quick to implement a law to protect the Catholic Church; now implement a law to protect the citizens of this country from Catholic tyranny.

I am a citizen of Ireland, not the Vatican city.

Ray Behan
Dublin 3

Irish Independent