Tuesday 17 September 2019

Casey was the real winner in an election that was biased by media and disrespected by parties

Runner-up: Candidate Peter Casey pictured in Dublin Castle during the presidential election count
Runner-up: Candidate Peter Casey pictured in Dublin Castle during the presidential election count
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Now that the non-election presidential election and the absurd blasphemy referendum have passed, let us reflect on three important factors.

Firstly, Michael D Higgins declared his official decision to run as late as possible, preventing any real rival candidate emerging. This was 'Politics with a capital P', a wily left-wing politician whose Cuban rant was a blot of real magnitude on his first term.

Secondly, the craven self-interest and even abject cowardice of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in wanting a Higgins 'coronation'. The rationale of costs was one excuse, and popularity of Higgins another, but either way both parties insulted both the office of the President and the Irish electorate. The fact that Higgins ran despite saying he wouldn't is irrelevant as all politicians can say the fact he is aged was unimportant, but the non-questioning and media bias in his favour and, in particular, the unrelenting attacks on Peter Casey were a national disgrace.

The fact an unknown Peter Casey could come second, having entered the race only days before the closing entry, is amazing and the story of the election. He was subjected to unrelenting abuse from 'Loony Left' politicians, with accusations of racism because he stated views on ethnicity and certain facts, unpalatable real facts, about Travellers.

Then there was the 'do-gooders brigade', TV presenters and media feature writers attacking Casey again and again, and he still managed to get an increase of 20pc in the last week.

Higgins had no answer to 'Swiss hotel' and 'Lear jet', showing contempt for use of taxpayer money, and could have been in a real contest if opposed by a politician with electoral know-how, for all five opponents were political novices, with the exception of Liadh Ní Riada.

An increase of 20pc shows clearly there was one real winner in the election and that was Peter Casey. The media mantra of a record vote for Higgins is as irrelevant as his expenses with the low turnout clearly showing an uninterested electorate in an unfair one-sided presidential election.

John Kelly
Clontarf, Dublin

Non-PC Peter would have been a tonic for us all

When I read, a number of years ago, that in pre-World War II Japan, university lecturers could be fired for not teaching that Japan was formed before all the other nations, I felt a little incredulity. Couldn't happen now, of course.

Wind it forward to the present day and I find political correctness has such a stranglehold on the West that a university lecturer in Norway was suspended for teaching that there are biological differences between men and women.

I was drawn to Peter Casey by his willingness to give this political correctness a poke in the eye. Whether you agreed or disagreed with him (by and large I disagreed), here was a candidate willing to make politically incorrect statements and stand over them. For a position of influence but not power, I felt this would be just the tonic for the catharsis crippling society.

Would I vote for him in a general election? Since this involves power rather than just influence, I would have to consider his specific positions more carefully.

Colm Fitzpatrick
Castleknock, Dublin 15

Parking the issue

After a hectic few weeks, perhaps a relaxing stroll in the Park would be the tonic for Peter Casey?

Tom Gilsenan
Beaumont, Dublin 9

We have a stand-by leader

I am very happy that Michael D Higgins won the election and I wish him well as our first citizen for the next seven years.

But we must not forget that Mr Higgins is 77 years old and I ask the question: what if he falls ill or worse while in office, which I hope doesn't happen? What then - must we have another election?

In the US, they have a president and a vice-president.

Peter Casey came second in the presidential election. Should anything happen to Mr Higgins, then Mr Casey should be asked to stand in as acting president.

Would the Government please take note of the people's say in this election.

Martin Ford
Co Sligo

It's up to us, not God

Helen Gately (Irish Independent, November 1) is at one with the Pope in postulating that the Devil has an influence in the abuse situation.

She also quotes the late Professor Richard Geraghty's claims that the Devil is ruling the world.

It is just as well the professor was not living in the 13th or 14th centuries when the Cathars, Christians who held similar views, were subject to the very first Crusade, instigated by Pope Innocent III, and tortured and slaughtered by fellow Christians for political and sociopathic ends. Not much has changed in 700 years, has it Helen?

Back to the Devil's hand in the continued, and without doubt continuing, sexual abuse of children and vulnerable women by the clergy, and Helen's plea that we need to invite God back into our lives, as advocated by the Pope and Bishop Cullinan.

What sanctimonious twaddle. We know what we are doing when we abuse children. And let's not hide behind the euphemisms used by the Church, by the press, by all of us because of the horrors behind the word. Abuse in this context means rape; it means the ruin of the victims' lives.

It is not Satan who is to blame - do not use this ludicrous excuse for your agenda to persuade people to come back to 'God'. God does not need your type of help.

If you believe in your God, if you profess to believe in Jesus Christ, don't sweep the dirt under the carpet, but sweep the Augean stable of the Church of its corrupt priests, by acknowledging the "abuse", by giving succour to its victims.

Enough of what our limited intellect thinks what is best for God. Our responsibility is what happens in our lifetime on earth. God will take care of the rest.

Harry Charalambou
London, England

Don't drink and... walk

Anybody have any idea when Shane Ross is going to start to use the breathalyser on pedestrians leaving pubs?

Unfortunately, more seem to be casualties on the road walking home than people having driven a car, being involved in any type of accident after having less than a pint.

John Coleman
Goatstown, Dublin 14

One-nation football

So the FAI and IFA have announced a joint bid to bring the European Under-21 Championship to this island in 2023. I laud them for their joint effort.

But I would commend both associations even more if they were to put their joint efforts into galvanising one representative team under the one banner for the island of Ireland so that we could all support the team - just as we do for their counterparts in rugby, cricket, boxing and hockey, to mention just a few.

K McEvoy
Dublin 9

Donation is a free choice

I cannot understand why Bríd Smith TD is so concerned at the proposed collection to make up the financial shortfall in relation to the Catholic Church collection for World Meeting of Families.

She declares she is not a member of the Catholic Church, so she will not be asked for any donation.

Practically every Sunday in the year there is a collection outside most churches in this town by various charities, national and local, including various political parties.

One makes a choice as to whether or not to donate. It is the same inside the Church.

Jim Fahy
Ennis, Co Clare

Know your demographic

You say that RTÉ coverage and bad weather were to blame for low turnout for the Pope's visit to Ireland.

There was also the failure of organisers to address the fact that some have difficulty walking and would not be able to manage the last leg of the journey.

Older people are more likely to be Catholic and older people are also more likely to have mobility problems.

The God shop needs to know its customers!

John Williams
Clonmel, Co Tipperary


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