Monday 20 November 2017

Carers who bully

Sir -- An elderly friend of mine was subjected to a bullying ordeal, but he didn't go to the guards. He suffered in silence for almost three years, at the mercy of a manipulative and physically abusive person, a part-time carer.

She took money from his house routinely without his permission and had him in a constant state of fear. She slapped him across the face many times when she disapproved of things he said, or when he failed to do as she instructed. He suffered immensely and had to receive treatment for depression. Yet he didn't even tell his GP about his secret torment.

His reason for not telling anyone of his experience was that he didn't think anyone would believe that this outwardly charming, respectable person would be remotely capable of such vile behaviour. When he did eventually confide in a relative, the abuse stopped, but, unfortunately, no action could be taken against her because the victim wished to keep the gardai out of it.

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