Saturday 7 December 2019

Cardinal must answer in court

THE baying of the mob for the head of Cardinal Sean Brady is like a throwback to medieval times. How a man like Dr Brady, who now openly admits to covering up for one of the most prolific paedophiles in the history of the State, is not in garda custody is an injustice in itself.

Brendan Smyth was a monster who raped innocent children and was given the protection of the Catholic Church.

Dr Brady, by his own admission, withheld information from the police and coerced children to a vow of secrecy which allowed Smyth to continue as a predatory paedophile. It is now known that some of Smyth's victims killed themselves.

As canon law is subservient to state law, it is immaterial whether Dr Brady resigns or not. He should be arrested and charged. If Dr Brady wishes to appear in court wearing his red biretta so be it, provided that he removes it when the judge enters the court.

Children's Minister Barry Andrews has buried his head in the silt, while it seems Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has been too busy to intercede, introducing blasphemy laws which strengthen the power of the church. If the mob is still baying, then it should be baying for the heads of those two ministers.

It is now time for Brian Cowen to make a comprehensive statement on where the State stands on canon law.

We cannot have Rome rule for the elite of the Catholic Church and home rule for 'Joe Citizen'.

Was Ian Paisley right when he declared: "Home rule is Rome Rule"?

If Dr Brady and the named bishops in the Murphy report are not brought to justice,then we will have failed the innocent victims who were buggered and raped by ecclesiastical monsters. Our sympathy will leave a stench of hypocrisy and betrayal. We will no longer be able to point a finger at the church. But in years to come, our children will point their fingers at us.

Michael Hogan

Irish Independent

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