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Capital taking positive steps to boost image

In response to John Meagher's article regarding the unfortunate state of certain parts of Dublin's city centre, I would like to highlight some positive actions being taken to fight back and reclaim some parts of the inner city.

I am part of a group of artists and individuals who have freely given their time, talent and, in some cases, a not inconsiderable amount of money to try and better certain parts of Temple Bar.

There are many laneways and side-streets in Temple Bar, as described in the article, which are prone to gatherings of drug addicts, dealers and drunks where the stench would knock out a garda horse.

For the past few months I have been involved in a project called "The Icon Walk", which has produced a number of large portraits of Irish icons such as writers, playwrights, poets, musicians, actors, directors and sports stars, printed on large aluminum boards and bolted up around Bedford Lane, Aston Place and Price's Lane.

The purpose of the Icon Walk is to remind locals and tourists where Ireland's cultural heritage comes from... that we are not just known worldwide for the death of the Celtic Tiger and our perilous financial state.

None of the artists or members of the Icon Factory (not all of an Irish background I might add) have actually been paid for their time or effort and it is great to see so many talented people come together on this project.

Kevin Bohan
via email

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