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Cap in hand

• "I wonder how Ireland would have felt if New Zealand put their second team on the field, did not award caps and moved the match to a backwater like Wanganui?" To put George Hook's comment (Irish Independent, November 19) in perspective, Fiji didn't field their first team either.

I think the caps are reserved for games at the Aviva Stadium – part of the "deal" in relation to re-naming Lansdowne Road.

And Limerick is situated at a pivotal point on the River Shannon – hardly a backwater. I'm sure George didn't mean to insult both Limerick and Wanganui, and that he has probably enjoyed many a hospitable occasion in Thomond Park/Limerick.

If he ever ventures to Wanganui, he's bound to get a big reception there as well.

Anne Kavanagh
Dooradoyle, Limerick

Irish Independent