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Canada cry . . . Burqa . . . Currency . . . Banish FF

I AM an Irishman who has lived in Canada for many years.

Canadian Liam Brennan's article (Irish Independent, October 9) is riddled with nonsense and inaccuracies. It is little wonder that he couldn't make a living here as a writer.

Your newspaper would benefit by better fact-checking before allowing such drivel into your usually excellent pages.

Paul Doyle
Toronto, canada

  • LOOKS like John Gormley wishes to be a deckchair attendant on the coalition Titanic!

K Nolan
Carrick-on-Shannon, co leitrim

  • CONGRATULATIONS to the French Constitutional Court on upholding the constitutionality of France's recently enacted burqa ban. Perhaps Ireland should enact similar legislation?

Kevin James O'Mahony
San Jose, California

  • A SPOKESPERSON for the International Monetary Fund has complained that some countries are using the devaluation of their currency as a weapon to boost exports.

Lucky devils! Our power-hungry politicians couldn't give our currency and independence away quickly enough, leaving us defenceless and at the mercy of the market wolves.

John-Patrick Bell
Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim

  • THE opposition should have no truck with Fianna Fail: they should ignore them at every turn.

Fianna Fail is not part of the solution to present problems; it is an integral cause of them.

Part of the solution therefore, is the destruction of Fianna Fail. They must be put out of business, just as they put the country out of business.

If the Greens want a consensus government they should pull the plug and bring about an election.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fail should be treated as lepers and quarantined.

Eoin Dillon
Dublin 8

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