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Cameron and the light brigade

Given the legacy of our striving for Independence from Britain, I did not readily foresee myself trumpeting the leadership qualities of a prime minister from Westminster, but yet here I am, seriously impressed with David Cameron's guile and intelligence in the way he has provided leadership for his people.

He is the boy who has shouted out loudly that the two emperors, in the form of Merkel and Sarkozy, are indeed prancing about the stage with no clothes, which isn't a pretty sight at all. Cameron is a smart man and he has showed great bottle in winning the support of all of his backbenchers (who double as eurosceptics). He now is not just talking about his aspirations for reform of the banking sector, he is going about doing something meaningful about it.

The contrast to what we continue to endure in this country is nothing short of pathetic. Enda Kenny's leadership is pitifully ineffective. He is afraid of everyone.

He will not face down the public sector unions over the immoral underpinnings of the Croke Park Agreement. He will not face down Eamon Gilmore and his hypocritical Labour party who want the trappings of high office but under no circumstances are prepared to alienate themselves from the public sector unions, whose members elected them.

In particular, Mr Kenny will not challenge the totally undemocratic and naked bullying of Germany.

Neither will he address the crucial matter of our collapsing domestic economy. Instead he allows Mr Noonan to throw fuel on the fire with the crackpot idea of increasing the rate of VAT, having admitted that no allowance was made for the diminution of tax take that may well be the policy's result. Despite tons of spin to the contrary, Mr Kenny has taken no effective action to get the banks lending to business in any sort of meaningful and practical way.

In short, as a career politician, Mr Kenny knows only too well that perception is reality and on that basis the perception of Mr Kenny's leadership to this citizen is nothing short of cowardly.

Patrick Byrne
Roebuck Park, Dublin 14

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