Thursday 23 November 2017

Cameron and the light brigade

Given the legacy of our striving for Independence from Britain, I did not readily foresee myself trumpeting the leadership qualities of a prime minister from Westminster, but yet here I am, seriously impressed with David Cameron's guile and intelligence in the way he has provided leadership for his people.

He is the boy who has shouted out loudly that the two emperors, in the form of Merkel and Sarkozy, are indeed prancing about the stage with no clothes, which isn't a pretty sight at all. Cameron is a smart man and he has showed great bottle in winning the support of all of his backbenchers (who double as eurosceptics). He now is not just talking about his aspirations for reform of the banking sector, he is going about doing something meaningful about it.

The contrast to what we continue to endure in this country is nothing short of pathetic. Enda Kenny's leadership is pitifully ineffective. He is afraid of everyone.

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