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THE most shocking aspect of the Ivor Callely case is that his loss of earnings for just 20 days is calculated at €17,000. This is more than many workers take home as annual pay after all deductions. The unjustifiably high salary, plus tax-free expenses, paid to senators is yet another reason why this unrepresentative and undemocratic institution must be abolished as soon as possible.

A Kehoe
Castleknock, Dublin 15

  • IS there a more sickening sight than that of Ivor Callely swaggering out of court, telling us all that he was forced to take the action because the members of a Seanad committee had abused their powers? He talks of "justice". Indeed. Not only does he get his "back pay" but we also have to pay his costs. If ever there was a case for getting rid of the upper house, this is it. Senators don't know what powers they have and the members' rules governing expenses are so slack that no one can breach them. You couldn't make it up.

P McCormack
Burkes Hill, Birr, Co offaly

  • CHARLES J Haughey quoted Othello on his last day in the Dail: "I have done the State some service, they know't." In the case of Mr Cowen, "They know't not".

John O'Byrne
Harold's Cross, Dublin 6w

  • WITHIN a short time of Enda Kenny taking over the leadership of Fine Gael, people said he lacked charisma and couldn't lead with confidence. Well, where did charisma get us? Wasn't Bertie Ahern "a man of the people" and Brian Cowen "great craic with a jar". Mr Kenny doesn't need to be the lead from the Billie Barry school of performance, he just needs to lead -- that's something we have been lacking.

Dave Sherman
Jenkinstown, Co Kilkenny

  • Why is it called the "dissolution" of the Dail when it is the clearly the "solution"?

Gerry O'Donnell
Dublin 15

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