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Call to preserve 1916 monument

Sir -- Your report on the Nama Wives Club (Sunday Independent, Dec. 26, 2010), makes for disturbing reading for concerned relatives of the 1916 leaders and others committed to the campaign to preserve, protect and defend the 1916 National Monument on Moore Street in Dublin city centre.

For some time now we have been seeking State intervention to ensure that the designated monument is preserved in its entirety and not be treated as some form of commodity or collateral for bad debt.

The fact that the current owner of the monument, property developer Joe O'Reilly, is reported as having transferred certain assets into his wife's name is alarming, to put it mildly.

It is now a mere five years to the centenary celebration of the event in our history that led to our independence. The monument that honours the men and women of 1916 lies derelict.

Do we have to wait until the monument itself is transferred before the State carries out its responsibility under the preservation order of 2007 and secures this important national monument for future generations?

The present state of this monument and the uncertainty surrounding its future is a national disgrace and is deeply insulting to those in whose honour it was designated

James Connolly Heron,

The Save 16 Moore Street Committee, Pearse Street, D. 2