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By degrees

• 'No Irish universities make the top 100 list, according to the prestigious Times Higher Education rankings...' Four years ago, I wrote your paper a letter suggesting that the overall state of education in Ireland was in serious decline.

I suggested that it was in decline because fewer and fewer parents were involved in their child's education and classrooms were being filled with too many unqualified teachers and distractions from normal classroom work.

I went on to suggest that funding of education in any society was not the primary reason for success. I gave the United States as an example.

At that time, New Hampshire spent the lowest amount per capita per student and yet had the highest academic achievement in the nation. Washington DC spent the largest amount per capita per student and ranked in the lowest 5pc. More money is not the answer to improving our academic standing in the world -- parental involvement in a child's education is.

Vincent J Lavery
Dalkey, Co DUblin

Irish Independent