Tuesday 12 December 2017

By definition, Brexit puts a border between UK and Ireland

‘Brexit could lead to the dismantling of the EU’
‘Brexit could lead to the dismantling of the EU’

The recent speech by the British prime minister tells us what too many people have been trying to cover up, ie, that Brexit is a momentous decision with enormous implications not alone for the UK but also the EU - and not least for Ireland.

The Brexit vote could be the beginning of the break-up of the UK. But the implications go much further than that. It also could be the start of the dismantling of the EU. The EU is a unique union of nearly 30 European democracies, each of which, after centuries of imperial and totalitarian warfare, signed a treaty to co-operate in matters of mutual interest.

The UK is tearing up that treaty. In relation to Ireland, Brexit is a re-declaration of the economic war of the 1930s. At best, the Brexit vote will have a deleterious effect, as yet undeclared, on the billion-euro trade between the two countries on these islands.

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