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Business as usual . . .Women's lib . . . Consent . . . Sherlock

Fair play to Taoiseach Brian Cowen. He really knows how to separate business and pleasure.

Despite being contacted in Malaysia around St Patrick's Day 2008 about matters to do with Anglo difficulties he meets Sean FitzPatrick a few months later for a game of golf. Never once, he says, was Anglo discussed.

I assume they discussed Clara's chances in the Offaly GAA football championship.

Brendan Cafferty

Ballina, Mayo

  • The Green party should now pedal away into the sunlight with the wind at their backs.

Michael McCullagh

Mountpleasant, Ballinasloe

  • After watching Taoiseach Brian Cowen give a rundown of the 'game o' golf' to the Dail on TV, it is no wonder this country is in a mess. Can our so-called elected not spend their time more productively?

Rosaleen Glennon

Ballydangan, Athlone

  • Women's lib my eye! Dr Florence Craven is right; it's still the woman who's holding the baby. If both went home and had a cold shower the night before, they'd have no need for the morning-after pill. Get the wool from your eyes, girls.

Cathleen Corrigan

Cootehill, Co Cavan

  • The Government's decision to lower the age of consent is deplorable. Many 16-year-olds will feel betrayed because it sends out the message that bullying is okay but virginity is not. It is strange that feminists support this move. I don't see what sexualising children has to do with women's rights.

N Brooks

Dublin 5

  • Sherlock Holmes is quoted as saying "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". It is impossible that two men would have a three-hour golf game without mentioning 'how's work going?'.

Pauline Bleach

Newtown, NSW

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