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Burton triumph to be applauded

ALTHOUGH I have never been a Labour Party supporter, I feel obliged to express my admiration for the recent achievement of Joan Burton TD.

In a recent TV programme she pointed out that the Republic of Ireland was the only country in Western Europe in which the opposition parties were denied access to the current financial information of the state. The panel and the viewers understood the importance of the matter.

The following day, the Taoiseach announced that, from now on, the opposition parties would have full access to Department of Finance information.

She has succeeded in removing one of the blocks in the wall of concealment that has supported the failing state.

The importance of her achievement will become more apparent in time.

Joan Burton deserves to be recognised as a heroine of the Irish people.

She has provoked the first step in the change which is so badly needed.

Joseph R O'Neill
Dublin 14

Irish Independent