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Burton needs to start closing loopholes

With regard to Joan Burton's call for high paid union officials to take a pay cut so as to "share the pain" (Irish Independent, May 7) may I suggest that a senior member of the Labour Party ought to be more focused on creating an environment in which such sharing is made automatic by the introduction of a proper progressive tax system that taxes high-end income. Not only will this ensure that those who can afford to are paying a fair share but also, if arranged properly, it can cap incomes.

Ms Burton needs also to be reminded that there is still in place a number of tax allowances that are discriminatory in as much as not all members of the public can partake in them. I refer to tax allowances on private pensions and health insurance as well as the usual array of incentives for the wealthy to dramatically reduce their liabilities.

Jim O'Sullivan
Rathedmond, Sligo

Irish Independent