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Burning need for incinerator now

John Gormley is really on the election trail now. He is releasing parts of a report that will best support his environmental crusade on behalf of his constituents who don't want an incinerator in Poolbeg.

The arguments in favour of this development have been stated time and time again. The benefits are obvious. Last year, waste from Dublin was deposited in landfills around the country. How long until another one spontaneously ignites, releasing toxic gas into the atmosphere? It's happening to the residents of Naas as I write.

In the past, we have seen alarming reports about treatment of waste. I recall one showing tonnes of recyclable material stockpiled in Dublin because no one wanted it. Another showed the removal of illegally dumped waste from the North, to be repatriated here, at a cost to us, the taxpayers. So waste removal companies were paid twice to deal with the same landfill waste.

Surely controlled burning of waste, with the energy recovery it offers, is a far more sensible approach to waste disposal, than the notion that we're going to recycle everything?

It's time to stop playing around with the waste disposal football. Build the incinerator and ban landfill, to guarantee no more illegal or badly managed dumps.

Andrew Callaghan
Artane, Dublin 5

Irish Independent