Wednesday 13 December 2017

Bully-boy unions cannot complain

I SEE the CPSU is warning others of issuing threats to them, regarding their chosen actions that are causing chaos and grief to Irish citizens at the passport office. It is truly a case of "the pot calling the kettle black". Blair Horan and Eoin Ronayne of the CPSU have been continually threatening and bullying Irish citizens and the nation in the media since before Christmas. with their considered choice of language and actions.

At one stage I recall them questioning why the public service was being singled out, pilloried and ridiculed in public opinion and the media as compared with the private sector. The answer, as always, lies with themselves and their self-centred behaviour. They should take a long hard look in a mirror. If so, they will see what they accuse others of -- namely, threatening bully boys. This is discredited behaviour from a bygone era and has no place in the modern Ireland.

So, the CPSU and members should never be surprised when it gets what it deserves: no respect and bad press.

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