Tuesday 20 February 2018

Bully Brian did himself no favours

The descriptions of Brian Cowen's Dail and media performances this week as "strong", "robust" and "impressive" highlight just how out of touch Fianna Fail TDs and sections of the media are with the public.

How could any ordinary person have been impressed by Mr Cowen's shouting and finger-wagging in the Dail? Or by his extraordinary behaviour on 'Prime Time' where he attempted to bully Miriam O'Callaghan into asking easier questions?

The sullen Mr Cowen that we have known for the past two years may have vanished for 24 hours, but it was replaced by the belligerent and brazen Mr Cowen of old. Rather than improve his standing with the public, his performances in recent days may well have served to remind us of the reasons why we want him to go.

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