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Building more houses is madness

I'm no expert in finance and even less knowledgeable when it comes to urban planning, but, for the love of the land, can we just stop lending money and granting planning permission to property developers to build more instead of finishing those already started in the first place and tidying up the existing ghost estates?

Who is going to buy these new houses? The poor sod who's going to knock on the banker's door and request yet another loan?

Why not? NAMA will sort that out again next year when the poor sod is even poorer and can no longer keep up his mortgage payments and another developer declares bankruptcy.

Face reality. Deal with what we have today, tidy up the half-finished houses, tarmac the access roads, improve the existing shopping centres, plant a few trees, start encouraging the young people to stay, give back a little hope to the middle class and look after the old.

Building a bunch of new houses is not going to get us out of the financial crisis. Or am I just not getting the logic behind today's way of dealing with it?

Karen Roquejoffree
(Irish emigrant of the 1980s)
Toulouse, France

Irish Independent