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Building better nation for our children


Do we voters know what a successful Ireland really means, or is the accumulation of 'stuff' our only measure?

There is an onus on all of us now to reflect, ensure we are well informed and, when given the opportunity, to elect a government with a serious social vision and the determination to build a better nation for our children and grandchildren.

In their recent documents, both Fine Gael (Reinventing Government) and the Labour Party (New Government, Better Government) have stated their proposals for changing the political and electoral environment.

However, the wording in their documents leaves plenty of wriggle room when it comes to timelines and implementation.

In this regard, and given the failure of previous governments to fulfil promises, it is imperative that the incoming government commits to the following key actions:

(a) Agree a vision for a more meaningful Irish society, a transparent mission statement which will influence all government strategies and actions as we work to bring Ireland to a better place.

(b) Make an unbreakable promise to implement the essential political and electoral changes signalled in the party documents and demanded by the electorate.

(c) Appoint a minister who will be accountable for implementing (a) and (b) above and within agreed timelines.

Before the canvassers arrive at our doors, we voters might ask ourselves: is there any point in voting for a party, or politician, whose manifesto does not include these key priorities?

Bob and Clair Waddell
Sandycove, Co Dublin;
Colm and Freda Swords
Killiney, Co Dublin;
Tom and Maureen McKenna
Mount Merrion, Co Dublin;
Lisa Cappe
Vimines, France;
Edward and Kathleen Bird
Waltham Abbey, Essex;
Michael Doyle
Monkstown, Co Dublin;
Peter and Marie Daly
Sandymount, Co Dublin;
Joanna and Santiago de Santos
Valencia, Spain;
Aidan and Mairead Devon
Glenageary, Co Dublin;
Tom and Kay Murray
Mount Merrion, Co Dublin;
Caitriona Fogarty
Dalkey, Co Dublin;
Paddy and Mary O'Dowd
Ballina, Co Tipperary

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