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Budgeting for an improved HSE

BRITAIN's NHS spends €1,950 per head of population to provide a world-class health service. The HSE spends €3,390 per head in Ireland for a somewhat less efficient operation.

If the HSE was as efficient as the NHS, the health budget would fall from €15bn to just over €8bn. I'm sure that similar efficiencies could be found in other government departments if the waste of money by TDs, FAS and other agencies is anything to go by.

A creative government and opposition would focus on real efficiencies and getting value for the money we spend instead of simple blunt cuts and increased taxation. Government departments have to realise that it is our money they are spending, and they need to get better value for us. If they can't we need to get rid of them. The very least we can expect of our highly paid public servants is value for money.

Charles McLaughlin
Dublin 8

Irish Independent