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Bruton article hit nail on the head

Madam – I write to offer a complimentary word to Willie Kealy on a quite superb article published on your front page (Sunday Independent, May 12, 2013). I find it uplifting, not to say encouraging, when a journalist hits the nail on the head, particularly when the target is one of our careerist elitist politicians. Another of your journalists, Gene Kerrigan, writes with laser-like accuracy in this regard. None fits the target bill better than the subject of your piece last week, Mr Bruton.

This guy truly does inhabit a world utterly divorced from the realities of everyday mortals, trying despairingly, in the face of the cruellest cut-backs, to make some sort of existence for themselves and their families. This brass-necked buffoon has the effrontery to tell our people that this cruelty is the way forward while at the same time raking in obscene salaries and pensions on various fronts.

On top of all that, he has the further bare-faced self-indulgence to appear at some vigil or other on behalf of a disgraced Catholic church. There really does appear to be no end to his humanitarianism!

Butt out indeed. Some chance. Long may you continue to dog and hassle these muppets!

Donal Sweeney,

Castleknock, Dublin 15

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