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Browned off . . . Dying wasp . . . Posters . . . Abyss

WE all know that politicians will do anything for publicity, especially at election times. Climbing lamp posts, kissing young wans, ould wans and even dog cuddling.

But Fine Gael have indicated to TV3 that they will not be 'Browne-nosing'.

Sean Kelly
Tramore, Co Waterford

  • THE economic misrule of the last decade and the resulting smash-and-grab Budget is nothing short of a national disgrace.

Shame, shame, shame on Fianna Fail who have handed over our sovereignty so easily due to sheer negligence, arrogance and light-touch regulation.

It is time for a new political class in this country and for the former to be confined to the annals of the darkest history of the State. The Budget is like a sting from a dying wasp and I'm sure that a Budget from an alternative government would carry a measure of pain. However, I would rather get stung by those bees because at least we'd all have the honey to look forward to.

Killian Brennan
Dublin 17

  • AS the election campaign gets into full swing, I see many volunteers out in all kinds of weather putting up posters of their chosen candidate. Many of them work alone, balancing precariously on stepladders, and often lack high-visibility clothing. Will it take the serious injury or even death of a volunteer to get election hopefuls to realise that they have both a legal and moral duty of care to these people? A little leadership would go a long way.

Declan Gibney
Chair, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (Ireland)

  • WHY on earth is there a sculpture of a naked woman climbing the walls of the NAMA building? This sculpture should instead depict a builder weighed down with debt. Women did not cause this fiscal abyss.

Florence Craven
Maynooth, Co Kildare

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