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Broadcasters are paid excessively

Sir -- On a rare sojourn to my native south, I sit here listening to RTE radio with the various presenters giving their views on the current farcical political situation.

One point that could not escape me was the excessive salaries these state-paid broadcasters receive.

How anyone in that industry on this island -- being bankrolled by the taxpayer -- is earning sums well in excess of €100,000 is beyond me.

There is an argument that if we don't pay these presenters enough we will lose them to 'foreign' broadcasters. No such luck I would wager.

One cannot take seriously any RTE broadcaster earning a six-figure sum who pontificates about the state of the nation in the current climate -- or in any climate for that matter.

The Irish Republic needs to get real -- and culling the excessive wages of its overpaid state broadcasters is one place to start.

Brendan Corrigan,


Sunday Independent