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British should release bomb files to heal hurt

IN extending a cead mile failte to Queen Elizabeth on her state visit to Ireland, Robin Bury of the Reform Group (Letters, May 19) suggests we should put past hurts, real or imagined, behind us.

I'm not quite sure what Mr Bury means by putting imagined hurts behind us, but real hurts, like the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, requires more than dismissive soundbytes.

Perhaps Mr Bury and the Reform Group might use their offices to urge the British government to release the files that were withheld from Mr Justice Henry Barron's inquiries into these bombings.

The release of these files might be of significant help in putting these hurts behind us and bring overdue closure.

A gesture of such magnitude would display in a tangible way the goodwill and compassion which Mr Bury believes Queen Elizabeth has for Ireland and her people.

Tom Cooper
Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Irish Independent