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British right to bail on EU

Madam – It looks like the Brits are about to pull up the anchor, not that they ever really tied their lines to the European harbour wall. They always seem to anchor just at the mouth of the harbour.

They see what's going on and that it's a disaster. They have the intelligence to see that spending the next 20 years in austerity is not the way to live.

They see that we are living in hi-tech times and the whole idea of this is to make our lives better and easier, and that the idea of living in stagnant depressing times is not for them. They realise that we are only here for a short time and why should they have to go through all this austerity. They have decided that they are going to pull themselves out of the recession and not just hang around.

David Hennessy,

Rathnew, Co Wicklow

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