Monday 21 October 2019

Bring on the Marx brothers

• In most civilised jurisdictions I am led to believe that when a thief robs a victim of his hard-earned cash the result will be a prosecution.

This household charge stampeding our way is the latest in a flurry of crimes against the Irish taxpayer.

I, for one, have decided that enough is enough.

Let the script of a Marx Brothers movie be enacted. I will defend my property and lifestyle by defying this bold-faced burglar. I will refuse to be robbed again.

The result will be the victim getting charged by the aggressor and fined or inevitably jailed for trying to prevent a crime.

It would make hilarious comedy if it was not so true. Maybe these lunatics in charge should take a step back, and inhale some fresh air instead of whatever stuff Byron and the likes indulged in.

They keep telling us they need the money. What money? All they are doing is driving the majority of taxpayers into further debt, thereby feeding the credit institutions that are largely to blame for this sorry state we find ourselves in.

As a child, I was told money does not grow on trees and comfortably grasped that concept.

But our Government's logic is as ingenious as filling a bucket of sand on one edge of a desert, and carrying it a hundred miles across to the other edge, to empty the sand there.

Emmet Boyle
Meath Hill, Navan, Co Meath

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