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Bring back real debate to politics

Sir -- There has been much comment recently in your pages and elsewhere, about the need for political reform. While I, too, want to see a restoration of political accountability I believe that much of the commentary has been misplaced.

Over the last few years, I suggest, it has been the absence of politics, not its prevalence, that has been the problem.

Governance in recent years was conducted in an environment where real political debate was sidelined and reduced to the lowest common denominator of social partnership. Now we have a push by those who see politics as simply some sort of clerical managerialism.

Politics should be about ideas, about choices, about decision-making and about leadership. Politicians must be policymakers and decision takers -- not managers.

I want to see a Government that leads with integrity and a public service that implements with ability. That is how it once was and how it should be again.

Cllr Dermot Lacey,

Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Sunday Independent