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Brian Hayes

• Re my article in the Irish Independent of May 1, 'The IMF is no fairy godmother -- we need to vote Yes', I want to clarify that I was not suggesting that the 'Sunday Times' is advocating either a second bailout or a No vote in the upcoming referendum.

Brian Hayes, TD
Minister of State

• The fiscal treaty would not have prevented the banking crisis; it will not solve the sovereign debt crisis and it will not prevent a future crisis. Fiscal rectitude without promoting balanced growth simply makes a depressed economy further depressed.

The US tried this in the 1930s and it didn't work. Incredibly, Germany thinks trying it again today will produce a different outcome.

Wasn't it Einstein who said this was the definition of insanity?

Shane Brett
Dundalk, Co Louth

• Can unstable people vote in the fiscal stability treaty?

John Williams
Clonmel, Co Tipperary

• Six reasons to vote Yes: Clare Daly, Mary Lou McDonald, Joe Higgins, Ming Flanagan, Eamon O Cuiv and Richard Boyd Barrett all want a No vote.

J Dawson
Dublin 24

Irish Independent