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Brexiteers causing chaos? Down with that sort of thing


What would Dougal and Ted make of Brexit?

What would Dougal and Ted make of Brexit?

What would Dougal and Ted make of Brexit?

Brexit is now becoming like a scene from Father Ted.

Ted, Boris Johnson’s Brexiteers are in desperate search of a scapegoat. That would be us, Ted,” says Dougal.

“Not at all, Dougal. Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol is small – and English nationalism, a hard Border and the re-excitation of paramilitary violence are FAR AWAY,” says Ted.

“Right so, Ted. Grand so. Is Jacob Rees-Mogg still an ardent Brexiteer, Ted?”

“He is, Dougal, ever since he moved his fund to Dublin, he’s a rampant Brexiteer. Why do you ask? Sure he has the rhetoric and the uniform.”

“Ah Ted, up until now I just thought he was having a laugh. Will Britain prosper mightily, Ted?”

“They will, Dougal. They will. After they redefine the concept of prosperity. Spam will be steak, and sausages will be Christmas dinner before they’re finished.”

“What will that mean for us, Ted?”

“Mange tout, Dougal, mange tout.”

“Ah, Ted. Sure that’s a different show altogether.”

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Michael Deasy

Address with editor

Public money is well spent on alleviating renters’ woes

Reports in the media complain about the amount of public money spent aiding people in renting their accommodation.

In a situation in which there are problems acquiring such accommodation, how can public money being spent aiding people in this area of their lives be criticised?

A Leavy

Sutton, Dublin 13


Church should be ashamed of its treatment of women

I read with great interest Florence Craven’s sad letter (‘Families and State ignored conditions in baby homes’, Letters, November 11).

I recall, in 1985, two young Irish ladies aged 19 and 21 – one coming from Dublin, the other from a village, coming to London to have abortions.

Both were alone, terrified of their families and local priests finding out about their ‘condition’ and both were seemingly traumatised after their terminations.

Instead of being supported by their relatives and the Church, they returned to Ireland full of sadness.

Even in England, in the 1980s, abortion was frowned upon, as was homosexuality.

The Catholic Church and the establishment in Ireland have much to be ashamed of due to their wicked treatment of these poor women.

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, England 

Apartments built by funds a Band-Aid solution to crisis

The 1,600 apartments planned beside Croke Park will be owned by Hines, a US developer, for at least 15 years. Mostly one-beds and studios.

The beautiful development at Mount Argus, with breathtaking rents, is owned by a German fund.

Is this helping to fix Ireland’s housing crisis? No.

It’s a Band-Aid solution with unimaginable consequences for the future of our young and not so young people.

A solution might be a clause in the contract requiring the developer to make the apartments available to purchase after 15 years.

Also, where are our Irish developers? Can we not acquire funds overseas and retain ownership ourselves?

Margaret Docherty

Terenure, Dublin 6W

NTA on the wrong track to fix Dublin’s transport woes

The National Transport Authority’s (NTA) draft transport strategy for Dublin is disappointing.

Dubliners have been waiting decades for mass transport solutions that are a given in any other modern, developed, western city.

Yet we are told we have to wait decades more for basics, like light rail to the airport and onward to Swords.

What is most shocking is that this is under a Green Minister for Transport.

If you want to move lots of people quickly, efficiently, and environmentally friendly, the best solution is light rail.

And yet this solution is pushed to sometime after 2031, maybe, if we are lucky, and the stars are in the right alignment.

Our city is being choked with road congestion and pollution and all the NTA can suggest is a few bikes and changing the times on pedestrian lights (which militant cyclists will ignore).

The NTA is going in the same direction as the Forest Service in being absolutely useless.

And two Green ministers are in charge, go figure.

Jason Fitzharris

Swords, Co Dublin  

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