Wednesday 13 December 2017

Brendan truly blessed

Madam – Having read Brendan O'Connor's article in relation to Down syndrome, (Sunday Independent, July 21), 2013), I can only say how much I totally agree. I read with interest a couple of years ago his story about little Mary and all I could think, based on my limited experience, was that he has literally been blessed. You see I had an aunt who passed away peacefully in 1995 at the age of 63 who had Down syndrome. She had a hole in her heart and my grandparents were told that she would be lucky to see 20 years of age. Her name was Rosaleen and growing up as kids she was simply Auntie Rosaleen. She was not only an aunt but more an older sister.

A person that was, even as you got older, impossible to beat at Scrabble or many other board games. She always kept herself busy whether it was with playing the piano, knitting or listening to music.

She was never idle and she had great talents that many of of us would have loved to have had. She was smart, extremely witty and was very, very loving. But most of all she brought all of the wider family together. Everyone loved Rosaleen and why wouldn't they?

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