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Breadline for many has hit a new low

Walking through Cork city, earlier this week, I fell into step and got speaking to a pleasant, elderly gentleman walking in the same direction as me.

As I approached my parked car I wished him a good evening and proceeded to drive away. After pulling off and checking my rear-view mirror, I was dismayed to see the same respectable gentleman scavenge through a wheelie bin, pull out some bread packaging and proceed to consume the remnants of a sliced pan.

The breadline for many in this state has clearly reached a new low. This week as the individuals who were allegedly leading our country compete enthusiastically for the Fianna Fail party leadership role, I ponder the saying 'it's not about the destination, it's about the journey'.

In the case of Fianna Fail, I couldn't care less about their latest leadership journey as long as the destination for this party is political oblivion.

Fine Gael and Labour in opposition have done nothing to convince me that in power they will do better by the ordinary citizens of this state.