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Brave words show we say 'No' to atrocities

I wish to express my admiration for Enda Kenny in speaking out against the Vatican and the current form of institution of the Catholic Church.

His statements are very brave and they reassure all those afflicted by the atrocities of the Catholic Church over centuries of abuse.

Would we ever see the day in Ireland where a political statement was made to expose the hidden facts and real truths about the Catholic Church and the Vatican mafia?

Many of our ancestors, who were lead into the belief that the Pope and the Vatican were "not always right, but they were never wrong", can now be released from such lies and cheating, as it is on record that Ireland says a very big 'No' to such tyranny.

We do not see the Vatican sell up some of its wealth to help feed starving millions in Somalia -- instead we see the Vatican conceal and hide sex offenders.

People: liberate and be free -- your way to God is through your heart and not through the Vatican.

Thank you, Mr Kenny, for standing up and speaking out on behalf of all the innocents, young and old, both deceased and alive, who were not permitted to speak out before or who were not heard or let heard.

William Michael Collins
Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4

Irish Independent