Wednesday 13 November 2019

Brave to tackle aid debacle

Madam – The present economic climate has shown up starkly the disparity between the reality of life for the ordinary citizen and the self-serving posturing and backsliding of the average politicians whom we elected. Yet thankfully, occasionally, a single member of that class will rise above the rest and put them all to shame.

I refer to FF Senator Brian O Domhnaill reported on in your paper under the heading 'We must slash foreign aid'. He has fearlessly tackled head-on that totally unacceptable debacle of poor broken Ireland borrowing €639m to hand over to the foreign aid brigade while our own poor, needy and sick citizens suffer savage cutbacks in the Budget.

Irish citizens should be extremely grateful to Mr O Domhnaill, who has now shown himself to be the one and only politician with guts enough to dispense with the endemic political correctness that dominates Irish society and has taken that powerful Irish foreign aid lobby to task.

Dan O'Connell,

Cork city

Sunday Independent

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