Friday 24 November 2017

Brass necks on brass plates

With all the "rhubarb-rhubarb-rhubarb" about the 12.5pc corporation tax, could it be that the protests are aimed, not at the Intels, Hewlett-Packards and Phizers et al who locate here and provide ample employment for many reasons other than the attractive tax rate on company profits, but on the myriad 'brass plate' outfits in the IFSC that have no local employees and are here merely for tax-avoidance reasons?

I suspect that disallowing such practices would go a long way to lowering objections to the 12.5pc tax.

The supporters of these 'scams' will quote "free movement of capital" etc, but if we had the will we would find the way and gain respect as a good EU member rather than endure our current status as three-card trick artists.

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