Tuesday 24 April 2018

Brain drain must stop

Sir -- The crisis in Ireland is being echoed in the disgruntled voices of our most educated fleeing across the world to the likes of Australia, Canada and America. It is extremely disappointing to watch as our best and brightest pack up and head off on an often fruitless hunt for further advancements.

They grow up here, spend their childhoods in Irish schools, receive flawless education in our universities and third-level institutions, and then arrive at the doorstep of Ireland's workforce, a door that often goes unopened. The Government is effectively paying for third-level grants that in turn boost the skills of the workforces in foreign lands, leaving the workforce here languishing and crying out for the many skills we have sadly turned away.

Irish degrees are held in high regard across the world in various fields and yet seem irrelevant here at home. Our graduating engineers and architects are among the most sought after around the world and have been involved in major developments in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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