Monday 16 December 2019

Brady's leadership is biblical scandal

Madam -- Re: 'Brady must go, now' (Sunday Independent, May 6, 2012), the reconstruction of moral authority, both secular and ecclesiastical, is essential, so Cardinal Brady must go. Maybe he believes sincerely that he did all that could reasonably be expected of him within the 'terms and conditions' applicable in his situation. But the actual historical consequences of his not insisting on action, or at least hinting to the parents of the children whose names he recorded that there was 'a possible problem', are on record.

Fair or unfair, his tenure of the leadership of the Catholic Church in Ireland has become, in the biblical sense, a scandal and stumbling block. Why is it that the institutional Church punishes decent men who recognise their imperfections and try to make up for them, and rewards 'safe hands'?

I would nominate the non-person Dr Donal Murray to take over in Armagh. Maybe he did or did not make serious administrative errors as Bishop of Limerick, but I know him to have the humility, the accessibility and broad, unfettered intellect to lead the Church in Ireland back to renewal.

Maurice O'Connell,

Tralee, Co Kerry

Sunday Independent

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