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Book of genesis

• In the beginning . . .

The worshipful master created a politician. The master saw how lonely the politician was on his own without anyone to lord over, thus he created little grand masters to play with.

The little masters came up with a novel idea. "We ought not to be contented with deriving one moral lesson from every single emblem depicted on our Tracing Board, but to consider each as a text on which to build a copious lecture."

So the little masters created humans to do all the nasty things, and take the heat off themselves.

Great banking families were constructed, rising like great phoenixes from the ashes. They became a brotherhood and a fraternity. Well, you know what they say, blood is thicker than water and sweeter than candy.

Trouble is the politician has been left out in the cold on a need-to-know basis. Smack in the middle of the two pillars he stands. Should he turn left or right?

The politician's bloodline will continue to pretend to rule. However, in reality he doesn't know who is further up the food chain. He remains 'The Man Who Would Be King'. He will never have the keys to unlock the hidden doors. Who will help the poor politician's son? Perhaps he should try looking . . .

Anthony Woods
Ennis, Co Clare

Irish Independent