Monday 18 November 2019

Bono in dreamland

Madam – So Gene Kerrigan calls it bullshit and I call it rubbish. Bono's speech to the European People's Party in Dublin recently when he told the EU leaders and German Chancellor Angela Merkel how good the people of Ireland are and what we do in Ireland in helping each other out in village groups and the services of our neighbours.

It is obvious Bono has no idea what is happening in Ireland – with the closure of our Garda barracks, bank branches and the threatened closure of our post offices. Our villages have almost become non-existent. Furthermore the continuous emigration of our young people has left the countryside – villages and small towns drained of our youth.

Bono must have been living in Dreamland for the past two months while towns and villages in the West of Ireland were almost wiped out and farms turned into lakes and the unfortunate people are still struggling and trying to come to terms with the worst storms and floods on record.

If Bono wants to make an impression on Angela Merkel and the European leaders he would be better off to play his music and let the people of Ireland alone because this rubbish – or bullshit as Gene Kerrigan calls it – does not work and it certainly will not solve the problems of the already overburdened, hard working men and women of Ireland.

Philomena Fitzgerald,

Tralee, Co Kerry

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