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Bogus refugees milk the system

I would like to add to the views of Brian Comerford (Letters, January 29) when he states that the asylum/refugee scheme as it operates in Ireland is a wasteful process.

Statistics and anecdotal evidence combine to indicate that the majority of asylum seekers are bogus.

Such an opinion will incur the wrath of civil liberties and equality quangos; entities such as these have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

There is a small industry operating in the area of perceived marginalisation and discrimination. While there is a small percentage of genuine asylum seekers, these unfortunates are doubly traumatised by a system that fails to quickly and efficiently discriminate between the genuine and the utterly bogus.

Having previously worked with an asylum/refugee organisation in Limerick, I quickly came to realise that many of the client group were being housed, fed and clothed at the expense of the State in direct provision accommodation while at the same time they were free to engage in the black economy.

In my final days in the job I was tasked with delivering free football boots to a group of asylum seekers, paid for by the NGO with which I was employed.

Nothing wrong with that, you might add -- except that one of the 'footballing asylum seekers' pulled up in his newish car, having finished his day's work, just in time to collect his free new boots before his (free) dinner in his (free) hostel.

His was not a unique case of blatant embezzlement.

Martin Nugent
Tipperary Town

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