Friday 24 November 2017

Blood sports not glamorous at all

Madam – I have to congratulate Fiona O'Connell, on her article (Sunday Independent, January 6, 2013) on foxhunting. It was very true, every word she said, people making glamour out of a cruel pastime in the name of sport. I am 81 and have never condoned blood sports.

I remember seeing a TV programme many years ago on badger baiting. A man belted a badger to death with a shovel. And to my amazement there was a priest at it. I had occasion a few days later to talk to a Christian brother and told him how upset I was and surprised to see a priest there. Do you know his answer? "Why worry about it, it was only an animal." Sorry, but l lost my rag with him, and told him he was nothing but a hypocrite, professing to be religious and condoning such animal brutality. Thanks again Fiona for your wonderful article.

Ronnie Thompson,

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