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Blind for Bertie

•It bewilders me, the blind dedication that remains in a few people regarding Bertie Ahern. A strong supporter I know has resorted to the excuse that he was in fact stupid. That while we did not pay peanuts we still got a monkey.

People talk about others over-extending themselves -- they forget it was Mr Ahern's assurances that underpinned the idea of a soft landing.

It was he who told them they needed to get into the bloated market now before it got even more out of reach. And those who saw the car crash in slow motion and called it so, were dismissed as doomsayers.

Bertie and his obsession with dragging in the money in the Galway tent and jetsetter trips to see Man United or Irish rugby set the tone for the Tiger.

If he was in any way the man some think him, he would be devastated. Instead the Emperor continues to insist he has clothes.

Pauline Bleach
Newtown, NSW 2042

Irish Independent