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Blathnaid still in need of our help

Sir -- I am writing with reference to an article by Jim Cusack (Sunday Independent, January 9, 2011) with the headline 'Blathnaid -- suicide was suspected from the start'.

The tone of this article suggested that Garda resources were possibly put to waste assisting with the ongoing search for Ms Timothy and that the public was misled as to the circumstances of her disappearance.

Regardless of the fate of the person in question, are her family not entitled to be helped in establishing the events that took place on December 14 of last year?

Without the "widespread distribution of pictures" and "high level of publicity", as quoted by Mr Cusack, the taxi driver would never have been located and lifeboat crews would have had no location to search.

Mr Cusack also claims media coverage led to "unnecessary panic" that coincided with a missing person case in Britain.

Does one have to be brutally murdered before assistance from the public or police is warranted?

As for the point that missing posters are "still widely displayed around Dublin" -- Ms Timothy is still missing.

It is hugely disappointing that in 2011 and in the midst of ongoing media campaigns to educate the public on depression and suicide that one of our largest national papers should publish an article such as this one.

Deirdre Whelehan,

Rathgar, Dublin 6

Sunday Independent