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The Pope has called on Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy law. He should now call on the Irish Government to repeal its blasphemy law, a law that I believe was enacted to suck up to the Persian Gulf states -- the Government was seeking to do business with them at the time.

It was also designed to satisfy anyone who believed their religion must never be criticised regardless of any offence it caused.

Brian Abbott
Bishopstown Road, Cork

  • I hope that the women queueing for the morning-after pill do not feel the thrill of sexual freedom. They may only feel so after they have exacted the €45 cost from their partner. It is 2011, but it's still the woman who takes responsibility for contraception. Happy New Year, Women's Lib.

Dr Florence Craven (PhD)
Maynooth, Co Kildare

  • The Consumers' Association has sided with the below-cost selling of alcohol by supermarkets.

Its spokesman cares nothing for the fast-disappearing Irish pub and the consequent loss of Irish jobs. He seems unaware that Irish pubs sell Irish products, almost exclusively, while many supermarket chains sell foreign brands, almost exclusively, resulting in further job losses.

If the Consumers' Association applies this policy to all products, we will soon have no jobs and no consumers.

Paul Keane
Ravensdale, Co Louth

  • Given the irrational hostility expressed in the letters pages of newspapers by Finian McGrath TD towards Roy Keane during the Saipan debacle, when he accused the great Corkman of "deserting" his country, he must now feel very pleased that he has been sacked at Ipswich.

Mr McGrath should use more temperate language to express his glee at Roy's expense. In Cork, Finian would be known as a langer.

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

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