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Blame games

Declan Doyle's supposedly tongue-in-cheek statements that he has "finally accepted the complex nature of our financial peril" because the ATM might "trigger a thermonuclear explosion" is fatuous (Letters, January 30).

For someone who complains about "pushing as many emotive buttons in the minds of the gullible as possible" his statement that our problems arise from "big people . . . dumping on little people" is doing just that.

He is right when he says that "the EEC was founded to put a stop to big countries picking on little countries".

Our problem, however, is that, as a small country, we need the help of some of the big countries to keep the ATMs operating at all.

Our financial peril arose from the mistakes of a small number of our most powerful citizens. There is nothing complex or thermonuclear about that. We need to deal with it without blaming everyone else.

A Leavy
Sutton, Dublin 13

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